Jason Marion joins Raven Faith Records…

Hey guys! Excited to announce as of mid-February 2020, my Christian (and old albums) songs will be under the management of Kelly Turney and Raven Faith Records. Here is my RfR musician page- but make sure after visiting- to see other artists under Raven Faith Records, and explore the site! Thank you for your continued support, stay safe and blessed in Jesus’ Name my brothers and sisters. https://www.ravenfaithrecords.com/band/28

Donations/CD Sale during COVID19

Hi everyone! I will be performing LIVE on Facebook and other social media- please watch out for the announcements regarding upcoming shows! Hoping to fill in my entertainment quotient during this lock down, and make up for the several lost gigs over the past weeks.

My last 3 albums are currently on sale- including signed copies, if you want 🙂

$15 or more donation, I’ll send a free double CD Waiting for Grace and Welcoming Grace FREE SHIPPING $25 or more donation, I will send the Waiting for Grace/Welcoming Grace album SIGNED, plus my 4th album.

PayPal = @JasonMarion

Venmo = @Jason-Marion

Cashap = $JasonMarion13

I’ll be taking requests during the live show and if you tip/donate any more than $15, I’ll send you the album! Just PM me the address to send it to 🙂

Thank you everyone! Please stay home, stay safe and blessed during this time!

Here is my discography from 2002-2020. Also please check out The Monster’s Voice on YouTube! Raven Faith will be releasing it the beginning of April 2020, please add it to your set-lists! •Window Dreams (2002) •West Nile (2004) •Wimbledon Games (2007) •Walk of Shame (2011) •Waiting for Grace (2020) •Welcoming Grace (2020) •Warriors of Grace (2021) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iwgoq3BZM0

interview with Arden Edgell

“This music is so good. Its cutting edge Christian and will be very popular very soon. I’m already playing it for my listeners. Thank you Jason Marion for producing such great work for Jesus” – Arden Edgell


TappingsmlAnother radio single out TODAY! ‘Tapping written and performed by Myself and produced by Bradley Clark and Alex Anisov with background vocals from Erika Hibbard Clark hits the airwaves with a big splash! Any musician of faith can understand what this song says and any person who wonders if their work is being appreciated by God will understand this too. Please keep us and this song in prayer; that it touches the heart of all who listen and all who desire a closer walk with the Lord. We love y’all! God Bless!