Check out Prodigal my new single with Bradley Paul Clark. a lot of time and hard work went into this song and I hope you all enjoy it as much as myself and everyone who played a part in its creation, special thanks to Bradley Paul Clark for all your help. God Bless!


Prodigal SplayYou can get your FREE download of ‘Prodigal’ courtesy of CRW, check it out here.


The single is also available on Itunes and cdbaby, Download it now!

New site, New beginnings

so its been a while but I promise you we have some good things on the horizon. we are currently in the process of migrating and updating the frame-work for the new Jasonmarion.com. and rumor has it that we will have a lot more content and information as Jason takes his music career in a new direction. so expect some changes, some music and some all around good times. these next few weeks will be interesting as we continue to develop and create a brand-new online experience.

Stay tuned folks. good things are on the way!

Hello from the site admin!

Welcome to Jason Marion’s Music Blog. This is my first post and if all goes well, there will be many more to come. The idea behind this platform is to create a constantly updated journal of news and events pertaining to the great music and art Jason creates and inspires, we encourage you, the visitor, the fan and passerby alike to interact with us here on this blog, tell us what you think but most of all, enjoy.